Wednesday, October 14, 2009

game...set ...match

Shanghai…..I swear you have to love this town. There are so many things that I have not had the opportunity to do while living in the States due to lack of time and convenience. One of them is play tennis. Well, after about 12 plus years I was invited by the CEO of Haworth to the inaugural ATP Tennis Tournament and to their annual tennis clinic at the Shanghai International Tennis Training Center.

It was here that I got to play with some serious heavy hitters, not tennis players but captains of industry! The CEO of Pepsi, Ford, Pricewater House Cooper, etc…. (see attached photo). A couple of players that were decent but for the most part most of them were mediocre. With that, I got a standing invitation from the CEO of Pepsi to start playing with his group.

Who knows, I might be peddling soda pop by the end of the year…

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